Why Coaching

Usually I post a tutorial about a data science topic, sometimes I write a post about something a little bit more meta about data science like how to get started as a new comer, on occasion I’ll recommend some books that I’ve read.

Today is something different.

I want to introduce you to my coaching services. I know what you may be thinking, “do I really want coaching from Ryan Barnes?”. The answer is, of course, maybe. The truth is that since I started this blog about 6 months ago, I’ve been posting tutorial after tutorial. And that is fundamentally what I aimed to do, but something interesting happened. You have responded to me via email. Now I get a request almost every week other week from somebody that is looking for a little bit of guidance in their journey. Sometimes, it is a really simple thing and I can pound out an answer in an email. And I love to get those emails so please continue sending them to at ryan@barnesanalytics.com. Other times I’ve had to tell people how big their request is, and show them that I can’t really handle their request over email. It is for those people that I am offering coaching.

My intention isn’t to drive people away by putting a price on my advice, and coaching. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I’ve noticed that sometimes you guys are apprehensive about reaching out to me because you don’t know what I will think about your problem, or I won’t respond, or …, you get the idea. So I thought that if I put a fixed price on the coaching I might be able to get people to see it as more transactional, and thereby increase the willingness to reach out.

I still love to hear from you. And if what you want to know is a lot bigger than what I can handle in a quick message, then please do consider asking me for a coaching session. If you aren’t quite sure, then just reach out by shooting me an email or even commenting in one of my posts. If what you are asking for is too big, then I will let you know that we are looking at a coaching session, I’m happy to help you with whatever it is that you need.

What can I ask about in my coaching session?

Frankly, ask me about anything that you want to in our coaching session. If you want to talk about pokemon cards, that’s fine. I think that a data analysis over abilities, and strengths of different cards would be fascinating to see, and even more impressive to build a deck with. But usually, I’m getting asked tough business questions.

For example, I got a private message once upon a time about A/B testing within a bayesian framework. I couldn’t respond in an email in a timely manner, so I asked if it would be okay if I wrote a blog post about the subject. It was more involved, so I almost had to write a blog post.

Today, I’d probably still write up a blog post, but I would have given more of my time to this person if they chose to use my coaching services to walk them through the analysis, give them specific pointers about what they were doing. And help them to implement the model that I put out there in a blog post within their own organization. I think that would have been more valuable than my blog post (not to say that the blog post wasn’t immensely valuable, I’m sure it really helped).

$150 for an Hour? Your Cost Seems High!

Perhaps it is, but I have a two year old at home with another on the way, plus my beautiful wife. What you would be really doing is paying the price to peel me away from them for an hour of my time. Given that information, I don’t think that is an unreasonable price.

But just in case you do, for a limited time, get 33% off my usual price since I just started offering this service we’ll call it a “welcome to the party price”. But hurry up and avail yourself of this limited time offer. It ends December 31.

What am I going to get out of this

You get your problems solved in a one on one way with me. Imagine that you are up against a deadline, and you can’t seem to get it done. I’ve got your back.

Or imagine that you need someone to help you out to get your first job in data science, and it isn’t going well. I’ve got your back, I’ll help turn your job search around.

I will help you with just about anything that you need related to data science.

My Guarantee

Just give me a try. 100% satisfaction guarantee, no questions asked, if for any reason you weren’t satisfied with your session, within 30 days of your session, let me know and I will give you your money back.

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