So you want to become a data scientist? Okay, but you have much to learn padowan.  Barnes Analytics offers courses on everything that you need from basic computer programming skills, to advanced numerical optimization. Learn everything everything, become a master, […]

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Bayesian Regression with PYMC3 in Python

Okay, so normally I do frequentist statistics. Most of my training has been in that realm. However, I do recognize that bayesian is really the way to go. The idea of updating a prior is really appealing to me. The […]

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Linear Algebra and Data Science

I’m going to take a break from my last couple of posts which have been about time-series analysis in python. I’m switching gears this week to answer a question my brother asked me today at a party. I couldn’t really […]

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GARCH Models in Python

Okay so I am continuing my series of posts on time-series analysis in python. So far I have covered ARIMA models, ARIMAX models, and we also looked at SARIMA models. These posts have all dealt with a similar subject. Namely, […]

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Analyzing Multivariate Time-Series using ARIMAX in Python with StatsModels

                  Is This Post Too Long? I’ll Email A PDF Version To You Okay, so this is my third tutorial about time-series in python. The first one was on univariate ARIMA models, […]

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SARIMA models using Statsmodels in Python

Okay, so if you haven’t done so, read my last post before you start out with this one. It will introduce you to the basic idea behind running an ARIMA model. This post will go over how to get a […]

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Basics of ARIMA Models With Statsmodels in Python

A common problem in many businesses is that of forecasting some value over time. It is useful for setting budgets, understanding sales, and any number of other problems. In this post, I will go over the basics of a popular […]

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Learning Data Science

So you want to be a data scientist. That’s great. But you may be wondering where to start. Sometimes it feels like you are trying to do the impossible like get up to the speed of light. Things get awful […]

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