So you want to become a data scientist? Okay, but you have much to learn padowan.  Barnes Analytics offers courses on everything that you need from basic computer programming skills, to advanced numerical optimization. Learn everything everything, become a master, […]

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Bayesian Time Varying Coefficients in PYMC3

GDP Growth Rates

Okay so today I want to talk about something really cool that you can do with time-series / panel data. That is, you can allow the coefficients in the model change over time. It is a really neat idea, but […]

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Using LSTM networks in Keras to Predict Baby Name Popularity

Cute Kid

So its time for a fun little announcement, my wife and I are having a baby. And we’re so excited! Having a baby presents a novel problem for every parent every time. And that is: “We’re going to have a […]

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SKLearn in Production

Alright, I’m kind of in a time crunch this week because I took off for Labor Day weekend. As such I just want to write a quick little post so that you guys don’t think I’m slacking in my posting […]

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Learning XOR with Only Linear Regression (Yeah it’s Possible)

Alright, so that title isn’t very clickbaity unless you are a real data nerd. Linear models do terrible at learning XOR. Simply because XOR is highly non-linear. It requires a non-linear model to learn it. And my model is non-linear […]

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3 Reasons to Fall in Love With Bayesian Statistics

So for the past month or so, I have been writing a lot of posts about Bayesian Statistics.You might be wondering why I’ve spent so much time in the area. You might even suspect that you know the answer, but […]

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5 Resources to Get you Started in Data Science

Data science is a huge and ever expanding field. It deals heavily with math, computers, statistics, and all sorts of other disciplines. Jumping into data science often feels overwhelming, because frankly, it is. I often hear questions similar to this […]

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Monte Carlo Integration in Python

My last post was pretty intense, so I thought that I would drop back down to something a little bit simpler for this post, before I go off and start in on the March Madness stuff again. It turns out […]

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Predicting March Madness Winners with Bayesian Statistics in PYMC3!

So in the last two blog posts, I talked about how to do some bayesian inference in the realm of some linear models. And that is all well and good, but we can have even more fun in a bayesian […]

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Bayesian Logistic Regression in Python using PYMC3

In my last post I talked about bayesian linear regression. A fairly straightforward extension of bayesian linear regression is bayesian logistic regression. Actually, it is incredibly simple to do bayesian logistic regression. If you were following the last post that […]

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Bayesian Poisson A/B Testing in PYMC3 on Python

This post is a direct response to the request made by @Zecca_Lehn on twitter (Yes I will write tutorials on your suggestions). What he wanted to know was how to do a Bayesian Poisson A/B tests. So for those of […]

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