So you want to become a data scientist? Okay, but you have much to learn padowan.  Barnes Analytics offers courses on everything that you need from basic computer programming skills, to advanced numerical optimization. Learn everything everything, become a master, […]

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Dealing With Strings in Pandas

Learn to deal with strings in pandas.

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Strategic Thinking in Data Science

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

Some thoughts on strategic thinking in the world of data science. Here are 3 questions to kickstart your strategic thinking.

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Dynamic Optimization For Solving Business Problems

An example of goal seeking with dynamic optimzation

So last week I wrote about using dynamic optimization to understand how we should optimally respond to the global covid-19 crisis. This week, I wanted to take a step back and talk about the python package that made that all […]

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Optimal Control to The Rescue! Saving Us From Covid-19!

Last week, I mentioned that even with all of our social distancing efforts, here in the great state of Utah, we would still overwhelm the medical system. It was kind of a bleak grim reminder that we are dealing with […]

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The Grim Reality of COVID-19

I was sitting here, at home, locked away, being socially distant, and I got to thinking, “What is the point?” So I started to read a bunch about the data, and the algorithms, and the point behind social distancing. I’ve […]

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What’s Wrong with Data Science Blogs (Including This One)

Over the past few months I’ve had a thought coalescing in my brain. It has been swirling around banging up against the inner portions of my skull. With each collision with my head, and with other ideas, and situations I […]

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Deep Learning Based Recommendation Engines using Keras

One thing that I have been thinking a lot about since I wrote my chapter on matrix factorization methods, and since I am currently writing a chapter on graph theory is on the idea of a recommendation engine. (If you […]

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Using Networkx in Python to Find the Best Team Via a Directed Graph

Yep, we’re going there. Which football team is the best? Well, ask any fan and they are going to tell you that it is their personal favorite. But we are data scientists. Surely, we can do better! And of course, […]

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Introduction to Principal Components Analysis

Principal components analysis is all about rotating data. That is all that it does. I know that sounds simple but the algorithm itself is designed to find the best rotation such that most of the variation lies along one axis […]

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Bayes’ Rule and Combining Data From Different Polls

In my last blog post, I asked the question, “Can Mia Love hold her congressional seat?” And based off of a single poll, the answer was grim for Mia Love, there is only a one in five shot that she’ll […]

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