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Value at Risk (VaR) to Determine Emergency Fund Size

The idea here is that by doing good bookkeeping you have good data that you can use to analyze your financial life. Specifically, we look at how big your emergency fund ought to be.


Double-Entry Accrual Accounting for Personal Finance

So I started to put together my family’s finances recently. I thought about using some fintech solution. Ultimately, in my data nerdliness, I landed on using double-entry accrual accounting principles to look at my finances through. At first, I thought to myself, “I should use some fintech account aggregator”; but then I thought, “Wait, they… Continue reading Double-Entry Accrual Accounting for Personal Finance


Data Science and Weight Loss

I’m actually really excited to talk about this . It has been in the works for awhile now. Weekends and evenings of non-stop hacking with a two week push to get this out the door. It feels like it has been forever since I had this idea. And now, here it is! It is Skinnier… Continue reading Data Science and Weight Loss


Causality, a Brief Note

This post is all about causality. In data science we are often concerned with simple correlations. As someone trained in econometrics, as any one can tell you, the key thing that you should be concerned with is causality. We are often worried not about correlations; correlations lie. We want to get at causality. Causality is… Continue reading Causality, a Brief Note