So you want to become a data scientist? Okay, but you have much to learn padowan.  Barnes Analytics offers courses on everything that you need from basic computer programming skills, to advanced numerical optimization. Learn everything everything, become a master, […]

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The 7 Most Common Discrete Probability Distributions

Anyone who has taken a slightly rigorous statistics class will have bumped into these probability distributions before. What I want to focus on is giving an overview of each of these probability distributions, when they are useful, and what you […]

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4 Data Strategies for Companies in a Post-Covid World

Covid-19 has really shaped our world in ways that I wouldn’t have expected just 6 months ago, which feels like a lifetime ago. I personally have been hiding out my garage for the past few months. Time seems to have […]

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3 Changes due to Corona Virus For Data Professionals

I love being a data professional. I mean, my job is to literally look at the data and figure stuff out. I’m supposed to come up with cool insights. I also get to tell the story of how a business […]

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Data Science and Weight Loss

I’m actually really excited to talk about this . It has been in the works for awhile now. Weekends and evenings of non-stop hacking with a two week push to get this out the door. It feels like it has […]

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Causality, a Brief Note

This post is all about causality. In data science we are often concerned with simple correlations. As someone trained in econometrics, as any one can tell you, the key thing that you should be concerned with is causality. We are […]

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Solving Stochastic Differential Equations in Python

As you may know from last week I have been thinking about stochastic differential equations (SDEs) recently. As such, one of the things that I wanted to do was to build some solvers for SDEs. One good reason for solving […]

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Stochastic Differential Equations and Econometrics

Recently, I’ve been reading up on stochastic differential equations. I’ve had some ideas on some projects at my day job, and quickly realized that I would need to write down some evolving processes that were inherently stochastic, thus why I’ve […]

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Dealing With Strings in Pandas

Learn to deal with strings in pandas.

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Strategic Thinking in Data Science

Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

Some thoughts on strategic thinking in the world of data science. Here are 3 questions to kickstart your strategic thinking.

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Dynamic Optimization For Solving Business Problems

An example of goal seeking with dynamic optimzation

So last week I wrote about using dynamic optimization to understand how we should optimally respond to the global covid-19 crisis. This week, I wanted to take a step back and talk about the python package that made that all […]

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